Hairline Synthesis (TM)

A New Hairline to Bring Back the Old You

Non-surgical hair replacement has many advantages over surgery and drugs in solving a hair loss problem. But up till now, its one disadvantage has been its inability to re-create a truly natural looking hairline. However, a dedicated technological team from HRS has eliminated that problem once and for all with the development of Hairline Synthesis (TM), the first non-surgical procedure that produces a new hairline identical to the one you used to have.

In fact, the hairline created by new Hairline Synthese (TM) is superior in appearance to hairlines fabricated by surgical means. and as you may be aware, the prescription drug Minoxidil has been proven ineffective in producing new hair in the hairline and temporal areas.

When people look at you one of the first places their eyes go to be your new hairline. The hairline is responsible for "framing your face," and you can readily see why it's the most important area to consider in remedying hair loss. Almost every man in the world would trade in a receding hairline for a balding crown. Wouldn't you?

What Hairline Synthesis (TM) does is recreate a hairline just like the one you used to have. It doesn't grow...but it will also never recede. Those are the basic differences between Hairline Synthesis (TM) and your former head of hair.

The revolutionary nature of Hairline Synthesis (TM) lies in its ability to create a natural progression in density from the very beginning of the hairline on back through the temporal areas. That is, with Hairline Synthesis (TM), the hairs start out in very small quantities, getting thicker and more numerous, one by one, millimeter by millimeter, as the hair progresses back into the formation of a hairline, culminating in the temporal areas that meet your side hair.

The key to the authentic appearance of the hairline created by Hairline Synthesis (TM) is that each hair is individually placed in an invisible matrix that is integrated to the scalp. Thus, each hair stands on its own. There is no "hard look" that is found in more traditional hair replacement procedures, nor is they're the "cornfield" effect so common to transplants. Further, because each hair stands on its own, the hair bounces, turns and moves just like naturally growing hair does. This is true whether you're walking down the street against a light breeze or screaming down the interstate in a convertible.

May be for one reason or another, you thought hair replacement wasn't for you. But Hairline Synthesis (TM) will change everything you ever thought about hair replacement. Because there has never been anything like it. So if you've never ever investigated hair replacement before, and especially if you have, you owe it to yourself to view this revolutionary process exclusively from HRS.

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