Gradual Hair Replacement

For many men, the idea of people knowing that they've done something to correct their hair loss makes them uncomfortable. For these men, we offer the HRS Gradual Hair Replacement Process.

Gradual Hair Replacement allows you to replace your hair just like you lost it; slowly, over time. So no one will ever know.

The Gradual Hair Replacement process is accomplished through a series of steps or stages. You decide how many steps you'd like and over how long a period of time.

For example, in Stage I, we introduce the smallest amount of new hair back into your own. When we perform Stage II a few months later, a little more hair is added to bring the hairline slightly forward.

In Stage III, we can begin filling in the receded areas by your temples. The stages continue until you have a full head of hair and a new frontal hairline, just like you used to have.

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